About the legacy of a former military site

Location: Cuneo

Year: 2017

Competition: Europan 14

Size: 4,2 hectares

Design team: A.A. Dutto, A. Aliangena,

                           C. Genta, A.Giordano

The area of the former military site "Montezemolo" was recently acquired by the municipality of Cuneo. The Europan competition proposes to re-functionalise this area with production activities and public spaces. The site is bordered by a wall and is occupied by military buildings abandoned for many years.

The project proposal is to preserve the wall and all the existing buildings in the site. They are considered constitutive of the collective memory. Barracks are re-functionalized and connected by a circuit crossing the green area.

Each building is characterized by a specific function (from above): Cultural Center (integrated by a new portico overlooking the main road); Fablab; Craft shops; Orchard; Market. The green area is populated with local greenery.

The building that stands on the main road of the city is integrated by a large portico in continuity with the main urban axis. The map shows the sequence of functions representative of the main urban axis and the new functions aimed at increasing the presence of public services.

The garden saturates the site enclosure. Several pavilions populate the garden in order to integrate the craft shops. The map shows the site enclosure together with other urban enclosures: the one of the historic city, the stadium, and other military sites.

A new market is proposed in order to re-functionalize one among the existing military warehouses. The map shows how markets are spread in the historical town and how a new market might characterize the periphery.

The plan attempts to express the difficult whole. Each element is thought of as an autonomous fragment. Nevertheless, all fragments are joined by a unitary path.

Project presentation at the Europan 14 Forum nazionale dei risultati - 25/1/2018, Cuneo.

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