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A.A. Dutto, Last year at Buzzinda.

Essay published in Horizonte, issue 13, 'Common', 2019. [READ THE ESSAY]

Architectural model of the journey to Buzzinda

Architectural model of the journey to Buzzinda.

© 2019

In his comment to the essay Page Comeaux argues that the essay addresses the issue of "what might be instead of what it can be". He may be right, he can be right: there may be a philosophical question behind all this. Actually, I first thought of the description of a journey. A journey through the memory of an Italian architect, last heir of the Renaissance tradition. The journey raises doubts in the traveler who still feels he can marvel himself at architecture and wonders what is more unfair than condemning Loos and petty bourgeois common sense? What is more extraordinarily kitsch than thinking of architecture as a city similar to a large table set? The itinerary of the journey develops in the distance, in the void, between me (the author of the journey) and the heir architect.

Detail of a frame of the journey

Detail of a frame of the journey.

© 2019

© 2019

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