On the legacy of the Maginot line

A.A. Dutto (2013). La Ligne Imaginot. Horizonte (Bauhaus-Universität Weimar), 8, 65-78 | See more

This essay identifies four discourses featuring the Maginot Line, a monumental military fortification built between between France and Germany, before WWII. Its construction is fuelled by illustrations of propaganda that promote technology as a conquest of the modern society, and seemingly preview major developments occurring in contemporary architecture.

A. A. Dutto (2019). La Linea Maginot ovvero il carattere distributivo di un'architettura territoriale. In Giancarlo Motta e Andrea Dutto, I bunker. Memoria e monumentalità architettonica negli elementi distributivi degli insediamenti territoriali, V LABORATORIO INTERNAZIONALE DI ARCHITETTURA E PAESAGGIO PAESAGGI MINERARI | See videorecording below – 04.07.2019, Iglesias Monteponi (CA)

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