On the legacy of countryside planning

A.A. Dutto (2020). Towards a Common Theory of the Countryside. W. Mazan (ed.), Trouble in Paradise. Warsaw: Zacheta National Gallery of Art, 36–49 | See more

Contribution to the Catalog of the Polish Pavilion at the 17 Venice Architecture Biennale. Amos Edallo's handbook "Ruralistica" (1946) is taken as a precursor of a possible project for the countryside.



A.A. Dutto (2019). Is the Po Valley a Type? Hypothesis on Amos Edallo’s Ruralistica. Cloud-Cuckoo-Land, International Journal of Architectural Theory, 24, 38, 197– 214 | See more

This essay focuses on the theoretical writings of Amos Edallo, an architect and urban planner based in the productive core of the Po valley.



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