On the legacy of handbooks

A. A. Dutto (2018). The legacy of handbooks: the paradigm of distribution in architectural design. Tecnograph: Bergamo | See book preview below

This book proposes an analysis of several handbooks that in various ways address the problem of distributional arrangement of buildings. Handbooks’ authors simplify the conventional representation systems of architecture in order to meet new functional needs.  The first part of the book is a theoretical overview of handbooks, with particular reference to the paradigm of distribution as a concept on which different disciplines converge. The second part concerns the analysis of five handbooks published in the first half of the twentieth century. The technical mechanisms employed in the making of diagrams is analysed. Then, techniques of representation are compared with a series of design references drawn from different historical periods in order to prove the connection between modes of representation and architectural design.

A. A. Dutto (2019). Rediscovering the legacy of handbooks. Proceeding at the 9th Symposium Entewerfen und Forschen in Architektur und Landschaft |

See videorecording below – 13.04.2019, Hannover

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